Our services

Our goal is to ensure our customers to meet the requirements fiscal, labour, accounting and legal, while providing advice to get the most efficient possible cost savings.
The advices we provide to our customers, not merely fill in official forms, but involve the continuous information on the situation of each company.

Enterprise, fiscal and countable advising.
Accomplishment of projects and constitutions of companies. Financial analysis.
Transaction and acquirement of the foreigners’ identity card (NIE).

Advising and management in fiscal matter.
Fiscal planning.
Production of all types of fiscal declarations.

Services in different fields like, Fiscal, Accounting, Trade, Labour and Finance, that the company require for its operation, anticipating events which may become. We also make and develop projects in order to form companies as well as the necessary paperwork.
Income tax for self-trader.
VAT tax.
Corporate tax.
Planning accounting quarterly result.
Garment accounting and official books.
Deposit accounts.
Full advice for business, both commercial and self-traders.
Transaction in commercial register and property registration.
Tax planning.
Income tax of natural persons.
Tax heritage of natural persons.
Value added tax.
Corporate tax.
Intellectual advisory and management accounting.
Analysis balance sheets and accounts results.
Planning the outcome quarterly accounting.
Confection of accounts and official books.
Deposit accounts.
Amortization of property investment.
Planning and close annual accounting.